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Schiphol Airport has an Airport Chaplaincy. Airport Chaplaincies are the representatives of the church at the heart of the modern travel and communication world.

There are three pastors employed by the Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy. They represent the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Church and the Old-Catholic and Anglican Ministry.

The three pastors are supported by three different organizations.

For information about the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church within the Airport Chaplaincy, click on http://www.rk-luchthavenpastoraat.nl to go to their website.

For information about the foundation of the Old-Catholic and Anglican Ministry within the Airport Chaplaincy, click on http://www.schipholpastoraat.nl to go to their website.

For information about the foundation of the Protestant Ministry within the Airport Chaplaincy, click on http://www.prot-luchthavenpastoraat.nl to go to their website..

The foundation of the Airport Chaplaincy Support (SOLS), assists the three participating foundations in their tasks for the Airport Chaplaincy.


SOLS aims to:

  • provide chaplaincy, assistance, nearness and hospitality at the Meditation Centre for anyone present at Schiphol Airport and more specifically to support the participating foundations in these tasks. The foundation board safeguards peer collaboration and propagation of the objectives;
  • acquiring (financial) resources to do so;
  • perform all other actions that have to do with, or that could prove contributory to, the aforementioned in the broadest sense, provided it serves common interest;
  • the foundation aims to serve common interest and seeks no financial gain;
  • the foundation seeks to be an establishment as outlined in section 5b General Law regarding state taxes 1994 or an Institution representing social interest in the sense of section 5c General Law regarding state taxes.


Each of the three participating foundations in the Airport Chaplaincy provides two board members who together, form the six board members of SOLS. The SOLS Board determines the activities to be performed, the way in which finances are acquired, the management of SOLS capital and the way in which that capital is distributed.

SOLS is considered a charitable foundation with ANBI (a public benefit organization) with ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status, registered in the Netherlands. Donations made to SOLS are, for Dutch citizens, donations that, depending on the amount, can be income tax deductible.

Click on the link Annual report to download the Annual Report SOLS 2019 or click on the link Jaarverslag 2020 for a download of the Dutch version of the annual Report SOLS 2020.